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Kitchen Extensions Hammersmith

Designed for life. Designed for you.

We offer a range of our specialist styles including


If you are after a more traditional aesthetic then the Ludlow style is perfect for you with its high-quality traditional furniture, creating an elegant and timeless look. It stands out for all the right reasons with the attention to detail from tiles on the backsplash right down to cabinet handles.


For a more minimalist look then the Mortimer kitchen range is exactly what you need. Drawing inspiration from mid 20th century Scandinavian furniture, we focus on natural birch panel edges that contrast against the darker colours of the rest of the kitchen. This created a sleek and modern finish, bringing a sense of calm and order into your space.


An increasingly popular style, the Broseley design incorporates a vintage aspect with an industrial style, creating a kitchen that will pass the test of time. With the wooden-finish of the doors and panels contrasting against their metal frames, a sophisticated yet welcoming kitchen is created.


For those who desire a contemporary kitchen, engineered and carefully crafted to last, the Linear design is what you should choose. Great value and durable kitchens shouldn’t have to compromise on the aesthetic. This is why our contemporary cabinets are available in an expansive range of materials, finishes, designs and colours, so you can achieve your vision.


Since day one, uniquely created and personalised kitchens have been our speciality, as you can see from our portfolio of successful products. Our Heritage kitchens remain as the core part of our business, unrestricted by the standard sizes and an even wider range of materials and finishes to choose from, these kitchens are designed by us, for you.

Creating the Perfect Finish

We believe that the key to a high-quality kitchen is a high-quality process. Our carefully thought-out design process ensures that your initial vision is brought to life thanks to our specialist team of experts. You shouldn’t have to wait to get your dream kitchen which is why we have an expert team of all the skills and experience you need to quickly renovate your kitchen to the high standard you deserve.

We have a streamlined process that allows for us to have a strong communication between us and the clients in Hammersmith and surrounding areas. With clear and consistent communication throughout the process, we guarantee that every detail of your kitchen is not only within your budget but is to your taste.

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The Brief

Whether it is a large kitchen extension or smaller renovation, a successful kitchen design starts with the brief. This is a crucial step when communicating with the clients is our focus to ensure that we share the same vision and so they are more than satisfied with the outcome of the project. We can discuss what you would like in your kitchen extension from a breakfast bar to a walk-in pantry cupboard. Sometimes more space is required to allow for your dream kitchen to be created, which is why we have an in-house multi-talented combined architectural design team, with a passion for kitchen design. By contacting us today we can provide you with a quote or a design consultation appointment.

The Vision

Once we have had our detailed briefing session, we produce 3D visualisations of the plans so that you can clearly envision your new kitchen extension. This can help you to identify anything you don’t like such as the chosen finishes or cabinets and make any changes before the practical work starts. This not only reduces possible wastage of materials but also minimises any time lost from miscommunications or mistakes.

The Planning

The next step we take is to develop the technical planning, such as applying for planning permission and making design choices. From material swatches to ventilation options, we ensure they are all down to your personal taste and aesthetic. Before any of the work is started, we talk you through the financial aspect of the project as we believe in clarity and directness at all times throughout the design process.

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