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Design drawing

Our Design Service

Design is at the heart of everything that we do.

This is why we only employ designers who have relevant design degrees and experience, and then we provide training to develop their knowledge of appliances and kitchen design.

The key to a great kitchen design is a thorough brief. Every client’s circumstances are different, and many don’t know how to articulate their needs, or visualize their ‘look’. We know how to tease out the information we require. We usually meet clients at their home for our initial brief. We can then take responsibility for our own measurements and we can understand the space in a way that just isn’t possible without having seen it first hand. This allows us to create bespoke kitchen designs based on your requirements and requests.

Deciding materials for kitchen design
Making alterations to a kitchen design

After taking a brief, we prepare plans and 3D images of the new kitchen and adjoining spaces, to show layout options. We usually present these initial ideas in the home, to provide context, and help clients to better visualize our proposals.

Once the layout and basic kitchen style are coming together, we begin to introduce colour, texture, materials, finishes and lighting to cabinets, worktops, floors, walls, splashbacks, accessories, and other furniture, until the final design is brought to life.

Our designers receive regular training by appliance manufacturers so, after listening to your brief, they will be able to suggest the best appliances to suit your design and budget.

Adding Value to the Design Process

A new kitchen is expensive, so it’s worth ensuring it will be the best it can be. It’s not only the value of your home which depends upon it. You and your family will simply get more out of your kitchen if it’s designed well. We design hundreds of beautiful kitchens each year, so we’ll get it right for you, and we’ll do that within your budget.

When I met Charles I had already done a lot of work on layouts and felt that I knew what would work best. Charles listened to me and presented back my options but he also spent time working on other layouts to show me, and in the end it was something totally different that I ended up going with. Charles was very kind about it and explained that they spend time working in 3d and developing renders that allow them to see things forming in front of them. I was so delighted, as everyone else had just drawn up for me what I had asked for. I had felt that there must be better options – but not being the expert I didn’t know what I was missing out on”

Colour and material options

What Our Clients Say


"We were about to refurbish our kitchen extension when a friend suggested we speak with Kitchens by Holloways. Robert came to our house and convinced us to completely change where we had intended to locate the kitchen and dining areas. Now it’s done, I simply couldn’t imagine it any other way."

Lara Jennings

"By developing a kitchen design with a walk-in pantry, Charles managed to improve our kitchen design, save money, and now we have more storage space than we ever thought possible."

Ryan Hammond

"My husband and I were struggling to get excited about changing our kitchen until we met Richard. He was simply more enthusiastic than anyone else we met and came up with better ideas."

Adam Fletcher
Ludlow kitchen concept

Experience Holloways

If you would like to see, touch and experience the difference that Kitchens by Holloways could make to your project, swing by one of our showrooms and talk to us. The sooner the better, the kettle is always on…