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The Mortimer Kitchen

Mortimer kitchen sink concept

The ancient hunting forest of Mortimer is situated on the Shropshire border and is heavily populated with birch trees – the core material used in our Mortimer kitchen. The birch plywood used in our Mortimer kitchens has excellent strength and quality properties making it ideal for our high quality kitchens.

The design of this kitchen has been inspired by mid 20th Century Scandinavian furniture design when plywood first became popular, and techniques for mass production started to influence design.

It’s in The Detail

This contemporary kitchen design is characterised by exposed plywood edges sandwiched between two sheets of linoleum. The simplicity and honesty of this design is enhanced by a discreet recessed handle detail, revealing the plywood core. The combination of this design detail and the nature of the construction materials provides strength, warmth, and texture which is usually lacking in contemporary flat panelled doors.

Mortimer kitchen cabinets
Smooth matt finish.
Mortimer inset cabinet handle
Contemporary ply edge detailing.
Team sanding wood

Linoleum is a beautiful yet functional finish. As a natural product, Linoleum is antistatic, which helps prevent dust or dirt sitting on the surface. It has an earthy quality to it, yet it also ‘gives’ when touched. It feels natural and warm to the hand, and it doesn’t show fingerprints.

This range is also available in a sprayed finish as a lower cost alternative.

The Mortimer in Clapham

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